This project is a reflection on the "subject" both in the sense of a topic  and  the particular forms of consciousness associated with a person or social condition. I ask  "what is the subject" by  devising three works that explore different ways of scattering and gathering materials, methods and collaborators. Currents of contemporary art and discussions among anthropologists and cultural theorists  flow into these reflections and makings on subjectivity, relationships, art and the senses in this era   of digital promiscuity. 


This site is a space to exhibit, publish, reflect on and perform the artworks as they evolve. I use a ready-made platform, much as I might paint on a pre-stretched canvas.Other iterations of the individual works and the project as a whole will take shape in galleries or in printed media as the project continues. Reflecting on how "the subject" changes as it shifts among media and genres of publication and diverse audiences becomes part of the experiment.




explores communication, touch and truth. The work  is composed of 33 pieces that I made over several months, then mailed  to people around the world. These individual pieces of the single artwork will never meet except on this site, where I diversely configure and refelct on the subject of the art by way of the photographs and texts recipients send to me. 


The process of making, sending, receiving the photographs and assembling them has sparked reflections on  conceptions of the "full picture, " that I did not imagine when I first  concieved "Invitation."  I probe the generative capacities of the project design and the questions of subjectivity, be it individual, collective or dispersed.











This piece makes the  quarter  of Paris a canvas and a frame for an interactive, dynamic self-portrait/landscape. The work will be scattered within a  kilometer of the apartment where I have lived for the past 12 months, during the  COVID pandemic, while undergoing treatment for breast cancer.


The exhibition/event will be on May 16, 2021 . Visitors will view the work along the route they chose.  Viewable, palpable, on-site materials will be enlivened by slides shows, videos and audio recordings. Participants will be invited  to share their own recordings and thoughts about the bits and pieces and what holds together the scattered portrait.

This  self portrait literally mingles  its subject (me)  with the  landscape. frame/calendar of the quarter. Working within its  confines, while exploring "me" in different guises through the eyes of others, the artwork expands the 'scattered subjects" project to contemplate questions of time and visibility, surveillance, and the body in motion.

Habituellement, les autoportraits sont réalisés seuls, en studio, puis accrochés pour être visionnés dans une exposition ou un musée. J'adopte une approche différente pour ce portrait dans le cadre de mon programme de travail en cours sur les « sujets éparpillés ».

Pour mon portrait, j’inclus l'environnement et le spectateur dans le cadre du processus de composition, qui n'est jamais tout à fait complet, jamais entièrement présent, comme n'importe quel sujet dans une œuvre d'art, ou dans la vie.


Ce travail intègre naturellement les conditions particulières de mouvement restreint et de distanciation sociale au cours des derniers mois pour tout le monde. Il comprend aussi ma découverte et traitement pour un cancer du sein qui a chevauché les mois de pandémie et qui a transformé une visite à Paris en une migration de retour provisoire.

Les lines pour les accompagnements en ligne, seront  aussi fournis dans l'e-mail d'invitation.


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