When people receive their piece they each send me a photograph they decide  to frame it or set it on a table or in their garden. They determine whether  to read it from right to left or left to write and which end is up or down. I tell them that they can write something to share about the work on this site if they wish.

As I receive the photographs and texts, I post them individually and variously assemble the cliches taken under different lights in far-flung places . I  experiment with picturing the "full" work of art mingle the words people want to share about the pieces they receive and live with.  with   I study how  subjective continuities cannot often be presented in  all-encompassing pictures as I unravel process, intent and webs of intimate and collective exchange, sensation and sentiment.


 Let me soar

on wings I adore


Let me fly


Past the rage in the sky

don’t ignore


I’m a winged 

thing inside

cannot hide

I implore,

see -


here I go,

you don’t know,

beneath wings

I still sing


I like this placement. I will see it every morning when I go to breakfast. It will dangle in possibility.

A comet has landed in our library!

Sines and cosines of the time.

The piece matches a fabric sculpture I'm designing called "Do What Seems Impossible." The fragment needed to be photographed with this art and not alone. I tried the fragment with different parts of the design and decided on this one. It made me think of the two of us having a conversation. Perhaps sharing lunch. I like the "unreadable" language representing the various interpretations of a poem as I have a poem that goes with the sculpture. And the thread is one of the main colors I'm using in this piece about the survival of bees.

My 3 students in our Covid small bubble home school made me pix and we had cake for my BDay today and in circle this morning I showed them your artwork and ( I know this is not professional but thought it’d be fun) asked them what they thought it was


** alligator


Ce bouquet vibrant de couleurs & de matières mêlées, hymne à la renaissance cyclique confortante, du Lila aux feuilles-cœur percées de la lumière du matin, bouquet inspirée de ta pièce tombée du ciel, joyau postal de turquoise mêlé de bleu-blanc-gris orangé tourbillonnant dont le fil jaune de Susan, précieux  fil d’Ariane, nous invite à sortir de notre vie confinée.

 © 2020 by Susan Ossman

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